Having Trouble Grinding Aluminum??

Fabricators of aluminum are continuously frustrated by the inability to reduce loading during aggressive grinding applications. Due to the softer structure of aluminum, the functional working surface of most abrasives quickly becomes overloaded creating excessive heat & the premature wearing of an abrasive product. We've all tried whatever we could to reduce loading including beeswax, grease sticks, messy lubricants & what one of my customers of 15 years swears by..."just send it out to another shop." We are now very excited to offer a full line of performance coated Resin Fiber Sanding Discs for Aluminum. These performance coated products offer exceptional cut rate & an ability to reduce loading & control heat during grinding. The integrated material enhancement realizes the full potential of the grain structure allowing these sanding discs to perform as they would on hardened steel. Please remember that we carry a complete line of cutting & grinding wheels for aluminum as well. Although not everything is available yet on-line you can always call for pricing & availability.